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BMW G-650 GS

BMW G-650 GS

2016 MSRP starting at $7,995 (including ABS)

Why not? That’s our feeling about the G 650 GS. Whether you are in town or on a gravel road, with this motorcycle you have every surface under control and you will get your money’s worth when it comes to having fun too. It’s a blast to ride for sure, no matter what mood you’re in.

BMW F-700 GS

2016 MSRP starting at $9,995 (including ABS)*

Adventure that won’t break the bank! With the F 700 GS, you have a 75 hp engine and unbelievable handling that adds to the riding experience on any terrain. Due to its low weight and adjustable seat combinations, from high to low with the option of a low suspension, it’s well suited to shorter riders and beginners as an ideal all-round adventure machine.

BMW F-700 GS
BMW F-800 GS

BMW F-800 GS

2016 MSRP starting at $12,295 (including ABS)*

The F 800 GS is the adventure bike worthy of everyone’s admiration. It can roll along comfortably at 75-m.p.h. chewing up mass expanses of ash-fault and when the road ends, just keep going. The off-road prowess of the F-800 GS is quick and nimble, just the sort of machine you want when conditions get really nasty.


2016 MSRP starting at $13,895 (including ABS)

No matter where you want to travel, or what type of terrain, with the F 800 GSA you can master any adventure. This long distance adventure bike has been created for true globetrotters where no destination is too far and no terrain too difficult.

BMW S-1000 XR

BMW S-1000 XR

2016 MSRP starting at $16,445 (including ABS)

The motorcycle with performance of a true racer, the upright seating position of an adventure machine and endurance of a touring bike. The BMW S 1000 XR combines the best of each of these worlds to create BMW’s first adventure sportbike, perfect for anyone who wants performance and comfort in one machine.

BMW R-1200 GS

2016 MSRP starting at $16,495 (including ABS)

The BMW R 1200 GS – the icon of all adventure bikes. For 32 years “the GS Adventure” has been defining its class and has proven to be the most trust worthy companion on any journey. BMW is now embarking on a new chapter of the “GS” success story and is yet again perfecting the R-1200 GS.

BMW R-1200 GS
BMW R-1200 GSA

BMW R-1200 GSA

2016 MSRP starting at $18,695 (including ABS)

You like the extreme and long tours. On rough roads, over stony tracks and out in the wild. Tarmac, off-road, stones, sand and mud. These are the challenges the new BMW R 1200 GS Adventure is able to master with ease and agility. A motorcycle for those who want to test their limits and go beyond, for riders who are seeking real adventure and don’t want to miss out on riding pleasure in the process.

The GS Legend!

How did the legend come by its name? Over 30 years, off-road and road riding were brought together: G stands for the German word “Gelände” (= terrain), and S stands for “Strasse” (= road).

WABDR Documentary Trailer from Touratech

The Washington Backcountry Discovery Route is an off-road route for adventure motorcycles and 4×4 vehicles. The route goes from Oregon to Canada through the backcountry of Washington State.


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