Please join us for a very special night with Peter Starr, the producer of “Take it to the Limit” a motorcycle movie that will move your soul! Peter Starr is not only a world class producer of more than 40-films but he’s also a prostate cancer survivor and a hell of a good guy. The movie will be shown right here at Motoplex on Tuesday, June 28th at 6:30 P.M. You can pre-register for the show by following this link. Sign-up today as space is limited. See you here!

Who is Peter Starr you might ask? Read-on;

Peter Starr Biography

As the history of; television, radio, Rock and Roll, racing, automobiles and motorcycles,

marched through the sixties and seventies to present day, Peter Starr has been in lock step

with and responsible for some of the most important developments in them all.

After a five-year stint as a burro humper in an El Paso border strip club where he

developed his renowned ability for professionalism-for while he hating humping the

burros you could never tell by watching him- he moved to So Cal and the Sunset strip.

From racing motorcycles and working for the legendary Triumph marquee; as a host and

producer of innovator of radio programs (featuring the likes of Paul McCartney, Pete

Townsend, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page to name a few founders of modern Rock and

Roll); to his recent award winning films, television commercials and ground breaking

specialized camera equipment. Peter Starr has been involved and continues to be at the

forefront of the most exciting era in film, television and the motorsports.

His most famous feature film “Take it to the Limit” has received Gold and Silver Awards

at the Chicago and Houston International Film Festivals. In addition his films have won

an additional 12 International Awards and his radio programs a Gold and Silver Award at

the New York International Radio Programming Awards.

He has produced and directed over 30 television specials on motorcycling and

motorsports. Among his ground breaking first are:

 First film camera mounted on a motorcycle during an AMA National Race-Laguna

Seca- in 1980.

 First live broadcast from motorcycle in competition at AMA National-Duquoin Mile-

ABC Wide World of Sports 1985

 First National television series on motorcycling for The Nashville Network-The Peter

Starr Motorcycle Show

 Brought Stroh’s beer to the dirt track series and created The Stroh Miles in 1984/1985

broadcast on The Nashville Network and USA Network

Business Profile (*Peter add dates where needed)

1973 – present. Principle: Peter Starr Entertainment Ltd.

Producers of television sport shows, multi-camera live sports events, comedy shows

home videos and documentary feature films. Responsible for the production, direction

and marketing of over 50 sponsored films to the television, theatrical and home video

markets working closely with major international clients: Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha,

Stroh Brewery, Coca-Cola, Chrysler, Pennzoil, Sega, General Motors, Panasonic.

Principle: Specialized Camera Vehicles and Motorcycles for Movies

A service company providing camera vehicles and motorcycle expertise to the commercial and

movie production industries. Credits include: Apollo 13 (Universal), Lethal Weapon 3 (Warner

Bros.) Blank Check (Disney) I’ll Do Anything (Columbia) Steel (WB) Batman and Robin (WB)

EDTV (Universal) and commercials for Diet-Coke, GTE, Anheuser Busch, BMW, California