2017 BMW 310 Adventure

BMW is on a mission to develop affordable and practical new models that help bring new customers into the brand, and individual families. Like, say, the GS family. Enter the new 2017 G 310 GS.

Now, before I say anything about this bike, I want to say that BMW has reminded me in the past that affordable and cheap are not one in the same. So where other brands opt for outdated tech or “cheap” components, BMW still promises to hold its bikes to a certain standard.

Based on the G 310 R, the new GS features much of the same technologies and hardware, including a 313cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine that produces a claimed 34 hp and features a backward-tilted cylinder and cylinder head rotated by 180 degrees. This configuration lends itself to a lower center of gravity and gets more weight toward the front wheel. Continue to article