Welcome to the BMW Urban Motorcycle Page. You’ve been there, stuck in traffic for what seems like an eternity. Well, never again! Nothing but green lights from here on out.
BMW C 650 GT

BMW C 650 GT

2016 MSRP starting at $10,595 (including ABS)*

Conquer the city, or get away from it, your call. Do it all in comfort and style with the BMW C-650 GT. With it’s smooth constant flow of power and nimble handling, the C-650 GT weaves effortlessly through traffic making rush-hour a RUSH!

BMW C 650 GT Sport

2016 MSRP starting at $10,095 (including ABS)*

*Expected arrival at dealerships Q3 2016.

The new BMW C-650 Sport is a scooter that turns heads at every corner. Even a routine journey turns into a riding experience worthy of sport-bike status. It is the perfect companion for anyone who is looking for an exhilarating way to navigate busy city streets.

BMW C 650 GT Sport

Introducing the BMW C 650 GT and GT Sport

We are proud to introduce the model update for the two scooter models that will be hitting the market at the end of the year. Get a first look at the brand new design, pioneering security and comfort features presented by vehicle designer Sebastian Wilm and Peter Maier of the Product Management.


This scooter looks classy, just like you’d expect from BMWTop Speed | 2015 C-650 GT Review | http://www.topspeed.com/motorcycles/motorcycle-reviews/bmw/2015-bmw-c-650-gt-ar168749.html#main
Fun, spirited, stylish and a real pleasure to ride sums up my ride review of BMW’s maxi scooterA women's review of the BMW C-650 GT | http://motoress.com/ride/bmw-maxi-scooter-c650gt-ride-review/
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